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Penny Stock Trading

Penny Stock Pick

In this section we list the most popular penny stock pick newsletters. Trading the stock alerts from a penny stock pick newsletter service can make you money.. But only if you're trading smartly. Also, be careful in choosing one, as they are not all equal in quality. Make sure to do your homework by investigating each provider's performance record, the type of stocks they promote, and how the style of communication they use when featuring stocks.

A better option to trade and profit from penny stock picks is to use a service like Promotion Stock Secrets. While this service costs money, you'll know about all of the best plays out there, often before most everyone else does. You'll also have the guidance of some of the best penny traders and researchers out there.


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How to be successful with Penny Stock Pick services:

-If you are a beginner to investing, just finding where to start can be a seemingly impossible task. Without knowing where to look, or what exactly to look for, you'll have a hard time making any headway.

To be successful following the stock advice of others, you must first know that almost all major stock pickers are compensated handsomely to promote stocks. It is important to read their disclaimers to possibly gain more insight into each particular promotion. You should also understand that companies use stock promotion services to bring in volume and sell shares/raise money. This is, after all, the main purpose of a company to go public and sell stock in the first place. Unless you are just looking for a quick momentum trade, always do your research of each company to gauge their legitimacy and potential to succeed in the short and long term.

We highly reccommend reading the highlighted section below about Promotion Stock Secrets. In our opinion, using this service is THE best route a penny trader can take toward success, whether you are a beginner or a guru.

Promotion Stock Secrets

Some promotions last weeks, some only minutes. Finding the good promos to play, and finding them early, is imperative for beginners to have success. The best service for finding promo stocks early is Promotion Stock Secrets... And we don't say this lightly. This group (PSS) has some of the best penny traders out there, searching for and providing in-depth research information about stocks on the verge of promotion. PSS even has a full time researcher. He's arguably the best there is and he doesn't even trade the picks. This way he has his full attention to uncover secrets and valuable information that helps members navigate the tricky waters of the penny promotion scene.

Nearly all of the recent big promo stocks have been spotted by the guys at PSS, both during the setup stage, and as big blocks start to lay down, often minutes before alert emails come out. This sort of activity is called out in the live chat room, keeping members 'up to the second' with the latest action. This often allows members to grab cheap shares before the herd has even seen the ticker. For example, Victory Mark's most recent pick was spotted in pre-market and members were able to get shares between .07 and .10 and were minutes later sitting on 50-100% gains. Even one day pumps are profitable in this manner. Members were alerted to SLIO as the first blocks printed and some got in at .08 and sold shortly afterward around the .13 level. AwesomePennyStocks' latest pick, SVEN was spotted when blocks were hitting at .20. It was sold down to ~.16 and most members got shares in the .17-.20 range. Later in the day SVEN was trading over .30!

Long story short, Promotion Stock Secrets gives you the edge you need to play these promotions as safely and effectively as possible. It is an enormous advantage and is well worth the monthly subscription fee. They also have a limited membership option called Promotion Stock Alerts which may be more suitable for those that can't join in on the live chat room. We have been subscribed to PSS for several months now and wouldn't even think about giving up our spot. The service has a limited number of slots to protect the value of the information and alerts provided. If you are interested we suggest securing a slot and giving the service a try ASAP. Otherwise you could find yourself on a waiting list. Go ahead and give it a try, we are confident you will not regret it.

Check out all the details and sign up here!

If you are looking for a penny stock pick service that involves no promotion or compensation activity, check out the Penny Stock Gurus. This service has grown rapidly as of late, with a tight group of traders that are active all day in a live chat room.

Also check out PrePromotion Stocks, SuperNova Alerts and PennyStocking Silver. These newsletter subscriptions are tracked and paid through, so you can expect decent, and at the very least, honest picks.. Otherwise everyone will see exactly what they're doing via All three also have live chat rooms running daily, allowing you to keep on top of the action and alerts!

On the other hand, if you're looking for popular newsletters, with hoards of followers, and the money that comes with them... Check out some of the promotion based newsletters and pick services listed below. These tend to have bigger followings, resulting in more money flow in the stocks. However, dilution almost always plays a factor and will eventually have a negative effect nearly all the time. Just remember.. what goes up, usually comes back down... On the flip side that dilution does allow more, and bigger, players to get a good position size (lots of shares) without blowing the stock sky high.

Paid Penny Stock Pick Newsletters/Services:

Free Stock Pick Newsletters (Promoters):

'A' List

  • Stock Market Authority - Nearly flawless track record so far, huge $volume. Previous picks include SEFE, RAYS, and the very famous LEXG. Be careful, however, as we have seen with AwesomePennyStocks (see below) the biggest and best promoters always seem to implode at some point. Buying and holding (hoping) expecting another LEXG is not a good strategy.

'B' List

  • AwesomePennyStocks - aka APS. Huge Volume... but they are known to occasionally burn subscribers with 1-3 day picks with quick and disastrous dumps. Previous good picks include AMWI, SNPK, NSRS, GWBU, and PRTN. Bad ones include AWSR, RARS and VLNX.. Your best bet is to get in as early as possible, take profits on the way up, and be ready to get out quickly if things go sour.
  • Victory Mark - Runs under the sites - - These guys have run some nice promos such as MDMC and CTDT. There is a lot of speculation that they are linked to APS, however, so never take their past performance for granted.. They could just as easily pull a 'VLNX' on you if you're not careful.
  • - These bring in big volume and occasionally are decent picks, lasting a few days. Many, however reach their peak in less than an hour and dwindle from there. Play these by getting in early or scalping it on a bounce.
  • The Paragon Group - Also operating as the Bedford Report. This group has had some nice plays, the biggest ones being involved with Stevia companies. These tend to be slower, steadier low volume plays.

Other/Promo Paid Penny Stock Pick Newsletters/Services:

These are 'D' Listers if you can even give them that much credit. Every once in a great while they will piggyback or be a part of a slightly better promotion that will do OK. Most of the time they run 'gap and trap' tickers by alerting the pick after hours, sometimes over the weekend.

Please see our FTC disclosure.

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