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Penny Stock Level 2 Quotes
(OTCBB, PinkSheet and more)

We have evaluated all of the best real-time Level 2 quote providers that offer OTCBB, PinkSheet, and other Level 2 quote services, first hand. After months of real use and real trading, we have created this listing of providers to help you make your decision in selecting the Level 2 provider that suits your needs. Included is a basic table overview of providers, basic features, and cost. Below that you will find a description/review of each provider, complete with screenshots, full feature listings, pros and cons, links, and much more. To make a suggestion for an addition, please email us.

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IMPORTANT! - Before you begin..

EquityFeed Basic Level 2 QuoteLevel 2 quotes are a key tool for penny stock traders. They offer a much "deeper" look into the action than standard Level 1 quotes. Level 2 shows you the best bid and ask for each market maker participating in a stock. Traders will often say that working without Level 2 quotes is like "trading blind". There is a lot of truth to this statement. Without them it can be very hard to identify solid support levels, as well as "walls", or resistance points. If you're not sure what a Level 2 Quote looks like, click the image on the right. >>

When selecting a Level 2 provider that fits your needs, you need to realize that the options below have big differences between each other. Some simply offer streaming Level 2, some offer that and much much more in terms of trading tools... such as filters, scanning tools, real time news alerts, charts, etc. While providers with these features usually cost more, you must factor in the value of the additional tools they offer. Remember that Level 2 quotes are a powerful tool, but they are not the only tool, and they definitely do not guarantee success on their own.

If you need a quick, real-time, non-streaming, but FREE Level 2 Quote... check out the widget on our Market Information page!

With that said, please check out all the details!

Free stock quote news, charts and chat

- Level 2 Provider Comparison -

The prices below include all exchange fees, and assume inclusion of basic features such as time & sales data. Some providers break down each fee making it difficult to determine the end monthly cost. We've done the math and we're showing you the numbers that will be hitting your credit card every time the subscription renews. As you can imagine, however, "prices are subject to change without notice." If you notice a difference between our numbers and theirs, we'd be very appreciative of a heads up. Thanks!

Provider OTCBB+Pinksheets Just Pinks Trial Option Other
EquityFeed $89.95 N/A Yes, 30 Days* Includes tons of additional tools
iHub $29.99 N/A Contact Admin** $49.99 With Nasdaq L2
Quotestream $60.95 $46.95 Delayed Data Only*** Nasdaq L2 included with OTCBB
AlphaTrade $57.00 $52.00 Yes, 14 day Additional $10 for time+sales included

  • * Small fee may apply. Trial period is 30 days.
  • ** iHub was offering a free trial over the holidays...
  • *** Free 7 day trial applies to delayed data package only.

- Level 2 Provider Review and Details -

Gold Level: These providers offer the best combination and ratio of features to price, and are highly recommended.

Best Level 2 Quote Service

ChoiceTradeEquityFeed Level 2EquityFeed is a powerful, and in our opinion, professional level package of trading tools. EquityFeed combines real-time level 2 quotes, time and sales, charts, filters, pattern recognition, news alerts, watchlists... and believe it or not, even more. We've been using EquityFeed for some time now, and are truly impressed with the platform, as well as our trading results. EquityFeed puts you on top of the market and alerts you to opportunities that you'd likely never see, or see much later after the price already went up. The plain fact is that these tools give you the potential to make hundreds of dollars a day, simply by harnessing market volatility, and getting in and out before almost everyone else. Click on the thumbnail to the right to see one of EquityFeed's tools, the Level 2 Montage.

Who is EquityFeed's Service For?

In our opinion almost anyone could benefit from EquityFeed's platform. However, more experienced traders will definitely get the most out of it. We recommend EquityFeed to traders looking for the best set of tools to harness the market. To see all of what EquityFeed has to offer click below to check out our full review, loaded with details and screenshots of all the great tools the platform offers.

NEW! Check out our Full Review of EquityFeed. Click here!

Try EquityFeed for 30 Days!

Pro's and Cons:


  • Most comprehensive set of real-time trading tools out there
  • Ultra-Low latency data feeds (with capable internet connection)
  • TradeConnect links the platform to your TD Ameritrade account for fast order entry
  • Sleek, easy to use, customizable interface
  • Great support, tutorials and customer service
  • Continual improvements and new features added regularly


  • Not fully browser based (Java based - requires browser for login/launch)
  • Somewhat expensive compared to basic Level 2 providers
  • Requires a relatively modern computer
  • Trading without it makes you feel blind...

NEW! Check out our Full Review of EquityFeed. Click here!

EquityFeed's contact info - Main Phone: 514-448-2950, Support Hotline: 866-620-1303 | Web: EquityFeed

TDAmeritradeiHub Level 2 QuoteInvestors Hub is well known as the most complete and full featured stock message boards on the internet, especially when it comes to penny stocks. They have now made a great improvement to the site by adding a Level 2 quote platform. One of the reasons we like iHub's solution is that it is a browser based solution. You can log into your iHub account on any Java enabled computer and have Level 2 quotes up in a matter of seconds. This is especially handy for those that travel frequently, or for their job. Included in the package are the real-time Level 2 quotes, time and sales, charts, news and Edgar, and a portfolio tracker. The other great thing about this option is the price. 30 bucks gets you both OTCBB and PinkSheet data. This is very hard to beat. To see iHub's Level 2 interface in full size, click the thumbnail to the right. >>

Who is iHub's Service For?

We feel that this Level 2 platform is great for people looking for a basic, easy to use service, that aren't looking to spend a big chunk of money every month. We recommend iHub Level 2 for beginners, as well as advanced traders, especially those looking for an easily accessible platform while traveling.

Pro's and Cons:


  • Browser based platform is accessible from almost anywhere
  • Integration with iHub is convenient
  • Unbeatable price


  • Somewhat limited Level 2 gives you tabs to view 5 stocks but you can only watch one at a time
  • Not the prettiest interface

Investors Hub contact info - Click Here | Level 2 Package Information: Click here

Silver Level
: These providers have a decent price and good features.

QuotestreamQuotestream Level 2Quotestream is a market data platform by QuoteMedia, Inc., a leading provider of market data to a multitude of re-sellers, brokers, and other websites. They offer low latency data for every market that penny stock traders are interested in, and many more including foreign, commodities and futures markets. Quotestream is browser based so it can be accessed by any relatively modern internet enabled computer with Java. Another compelling feature of the service is the Quotestream Wireless application, allowing smartphone users to access their portfolio and market data on the go. The app will work with most Java enabled phones, but to be sure you can check out their device compatibility list. A link to this list is at the bottom of this page.

Who is Quotestream For?

Quotestream is a good Level 2 provider for traders who can take advantage of their wireless application. If you must have your Level 2 on the go, this is your best bet. Quotestream also offers a discount over EquityFeed, however, one should keep in mind that EquityFeed has more tools and filtering capabilities. For those looking for a simple data package for OTCBB/Pinks, Quotestream is a bit overkill both feature and price-wise.

Pro's and Cons:


  • Browser based platform is accessible from almost anywhere
  • Broadly supported wireless application keeps you in touch on the go
  • Fair price and A la carte menu allows you to tailor your own package based on your needs.


  • Doesn't feature the sophisticated filtering capabilities EquityFeed has.
  • Not the prettiest interface

Quotestream's info page - Click Here | Level 2 Package Pricing: Click here

Bronze Level
: These providers offer a solid product, but the features don't justify the price in our opinion.

AlphaTradeAlphaTrade Level 2 QuoteAlphaTrade is a multi-faceted company that among other services offers a market data platform called "E-Gate". While not a spectacular service, E-Gate provides the basic features you expect in a streaming data provider; Level 2 quotes, time and sales, charts, news, portfolio manager, most active lists and a few other minor items. AlphaTrade also offers an "E-Gate Mobile" service that works on Java enabled phones, however, it costs an extra $10/month. AlphaTrade is a good service, but due to its lack of unique features and relatively high price, we cannot recommend it over its competitors.

Who is AlphaTrade For?

AlphaTrade is a good service that offers a mobile option, however, it is more expensive than its closest alternative, Quotestream, should you wish to use that mobile ability. Even without using E-Gate Mobile, we don't think the $4 in savings gives it much of an advantage. The only advantage we do see is that you can take a 14 day free trial, including real-time Level 2 data. If that is a deal breaker for you, or you are looking for an alternative to Quotestream, then give AlphaTrade E-Gate a try!

Pro's and Cons:


  • Browser based platform is accessible from almost anywhere
  • Broadly supported wireless application keeps you in touch on the go
  • A la carte menu allows you to tailor your own package based on your needs.


  • Doesn't feature the sophisticated filtering capabilities EquityFeed has.
  • Price is not competitive when you add on the important features such as Level 2 and Time+Sales.
  • Mobile service is an extra $10/month.. Quotestream offers this for free.

AlphaTrade's info page - Click Here | Level 2 Package Pricing: Click here

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Last Updated: 1/28/11

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