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Hottest Penny Stocks

Now comes the task of finding the hottest penny stocks to invest in.. at the right time. In the stock market, some say that "timing is everything". This statement holds a lot of truth to it. Anyone can look around the market and find a penny stock that has skyrocketed. It is a very different task to find the hottest penny stocks, before they get really hot. There are, however, methods and services that one can use to narrow down the search, and research that can be done to find the gems.

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So where do I start to find the Hottest Penny Stocks?

-When starting your search for hot penny stocks, you have to understand that 9 times out of 10, penny stocks run because of some sort of promotion. A promotion is a campaign with the goal of increasing investor awareness, and therefore generating buying pressure and most importantly, volume. Promotions are accomplished through email campaigns, internet ads, postal mailings (known as 'hard mailers'), boiler room type operations, and any combination of these methods. To play a promotion the key is to get in early, and get out while there is still interest. Ideally that interest will be causing buying pressure and a rising stock price for you to sell for a profit.

We highly reccommend reading the highlighted section below about Promotion Stock Secrets. In our opinion, using this service is THE best route a penny trader can take toward success, whether you are a beginner or a guru.

Promotion Stock Secrets

Some promotions last weeks, some only minutes. Finding the good promos to play, and finding them early, is imperative for beginners to have success. The best service for finding promo stocks early is Promotion Stock Secrets... And we don't say this lightly. This group (PSS) has some of the best penny traders out there, searching for and providing in-depth research information about stocks on the verge of promotion. PSS even has a full time researcher. He's arguably the best there is and he doesn't even trade the picks. This way he has his full attention to uncover secrets and valuable information that helps members navigate the tricky waters of the penny promotion scene.

Nearly all of the recent big promo stocks have been spotted by the guys at PSS, both during the setup stage, and as big blocks start to lay down, often minutes before alert emails come out. This sort of activity is called out in the live chat room, keeping members 'up to the second' with the latest action. This often allows members to grab cheap shares before the herd has even seen the ticker. For example, Victory Mark's most recent pick was spotted in pre-market and members were able to get shares between .07 and .10 and were minutes later sitting on 50-100% gains. Even one day pumps are profitable in this manner. Members were alerted to SLIO as the first blocks printed and some got in at .08 and sold shortly afterward around the .13 level. AwesomePennyStocks' latest pick, SVEN was spotted when blocks were hitting at .20. It was sold down to ~.16 and most members got shares in the .17-.20 range. Later in the day SVEN was trading over .30!

Long story short, Promotion Stock Secrets gives you the edge you need to play these promotions as safely and effectively as possible. It is an enormous advantage and is well worth the monthly subscription fee. They also have a limited membership option called Promotion Stock Alerts which may be more suitable for those that can't join in on the live chat room. We have been subscribed to PSS for several months now and wouldn't even think about giving up our spot. The service has a limited number of slots to protect the value of the information and alerts provided. If you are interested we suggest securing a slot and giving the service a try ASAP. Otherwise you could find yourself on a waiting list. Go ahead and give it a try, we are confident you will not regret it.

Check out all the details and sign up here!

Our Hot Penny Stocks:

Our Twitter feed below is the best way to keep up with our up to the minute insights on some of the hottest stocks on the OTC. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date!

Other Services Covering the Hottest Penny Stocks:

-See our Penny Stock Pick page...

How else can I find the Hottest Penny Stocks:

1. Find out what everyone else is talking about on the penny stock forums. You can use forums and message boards to see what stocks are getting the most hype. From there you can narrow down to the one that looks best. Remember you want to find a stock that is hot, but not one that has already run 200%+... You also don't want to chase the first stock you see move until you see a continued demand for shares, and corresponding price movement.

2. Learn how to find hot stocks using Technical Analysis. Using 'TA' you can find stocks that are on the verge of "breaking out", play trading channels, or accumulate cheap shares at the lows. Technical analysis is a great method to find stocks that are about to become the "Hottest Penny Stocks", but remember there is almost always a hype factor involved in the biggest stock runs. We suggest finding stocks in good technical condition, that also have a decent following, or history of a following. Check the message boards and look back to see what has happened in the past.

3. Find stocks that are undervalued on a fundamental basis. When we talk about fundamentals we're talking about actual assets the company has, it's potential, revenue strength, profit margin, and competition just to name a few factors. Many penny stocks are undervalued, and many are extremely overvalued. When you're looking for the hottest penny stocks try to find the ones that are undervalued. Ideally, you want to find the ones with a 'Market Cap' that is significantly below what you can determine as a fair value for the company. This is not an easy task, especially for beginners, but with experience you will have a better feeling for it. Again, market cap and fair value are vague and often disregarded factors in the penny stock market, but they certainly do have some meaning in many scenarios. Check out our article on Penny Stocks to Buy for some help getting started.

What is Technical Analysis?

-To start trading without the advice or research of experts... finding hot penny stocks, researching them, and determining where to buy and sell are all tasks that will be on your shoulders. The next best place to start your venture is in the realm of technical analysis, the basis of technical trading.

To find the stocks that are likely to move, many traders run what is called a 'scan'. A scan is basically a filtered search of all stocks. One can set filters to find stocks with abnormally high volume, price movement, or any combination of a multitude of other indicators that can identify hot penny stocks. Hands down, the best tool/service to scan and filter the penny stock market is EquityFeed. Check out our Full Review of EquityFeed to see what this system is capable of.

Once you find some interesting stocks with your scan, then it is time to check out their 'charts'.

What are some Stock Scanning Tools?

Screening-Arguably the best service a trader can use to find the hottest penny stocks is EquityFeed. A subscription to EquityFeed's Microcap service gets you pro-level real time charts, level II quotes, active stock listings, screening and scanning utilities, pattern matching and much more. The price of the subscription is substantial, but the advantage it gives you over the average trader greatly increases your chances of success, and your profits. We use EquityFeed at Penny Stock Nation and we easily make back the subscription price with profits. Check out our Full Review of EquityFeed.

-Another good tool to use is's Stock Scan page, featuring a listing of many common predefined scans with links to qualifying stocks, as well as the ability to create your own scans. The main disadvantage of this tool is it is not real time, and not streaming. This is fine for slow trading strategies, but won't give you the 'quick-jump' advantage over other traders.

-If you have TD Ameritrade®, you can use their screening utilities, including the new Pattern Matcher™ tool built into the Command Center 2.0. This is an great tool for finding stocks that match a particular chart pattern (e.g. cup and handle, double bottom, etc). This is a free utility for all TD Ameritrade clients. Also useful is the Advanced Analyzer, a desktop utility allowing selection of 100 preset conditions for screening stocks. This is free for all TD Ameritrade Apex clients.

-You can also screen stocks with a basic screener from one of the websites below. These allow you to define market sector, price range, PE ratio, volatility, and much more. Most are geared for small to large- cap stocks however, and may not be best suited to finding hot penny stocks.

-Yahoo Stock Screener
-MSN Stock Screener
-Google Stock Screener

What is a 'chart'?

Chart-A stock chart is a graphical representation of that stock's trade data, collected every minute of every day. A very basic chart will show the price of the stock on the Y-axis vs time on the X-axis. Along with this there may be an 'indicator' or two. An indicator takes the input data and outputs a result based on a specific mathematical operation. Indicators allow chart readers to gain further insight into the trading that is occurring. There are tons of different indicators, but even a basic understanding of the popular ones will be a big help.

To learn more about charts, check out our Strategy Page on Technical Analysis. By knowing the basics of charting, or 'technical analysis', you will be able to narrow down your scan by another factor. Then you can focus on the 'fundamentals' of the stock, to find undervalued stocks.

What are 'Fundamentals'?

Fundamentals-Fundamentals can include a company's financial reports, as well as non-financial information such as growth estimates of the demand for sold products and competing products. Investors will also look into new regulations or demographic changes, and economy-wide changes.

When examining financial reports investors will look for improvements in earnings per share, top line revenue, reduction of expenses, cash on hand, and several other variables. The disadvantage with many penny stocks, pink sheets being the worst, is that financial reports may not even be published by the company. Also, even if they are, unless they are audited by a legitimate third party you are taking they company's word as to their accuracy. To learn more about finding and evaluating financial statements, please read this article.

What's Next?

Once you have filtered down to the stocks with the best fundamental and technical analysis results, you will want to do one last investigation to determine the 'share structure'.

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EquityFeed is a pro-level streaming stock data service. They serve the best real time Level II quotes, scanning tools, filters, news, alerts and much more. Check out their service by clicking on the logo.