12/22/11 - New Article

-We just published a new article about Penny Stocks to Buy. Written by Max Gordon of Xtremepicks.com this article has great info on getting started looking for bargains and value in the penny stock arena!

1/28/11 - Free Level 2 Quotes!!!

-We have just put up a FREE Level 2 Quotes Widget that gets you real-time (non-streaming) Level 2 quotes for any stock you desire.. Including OTCBB and PinkSheet stocks! Check it out.

6/10/10 - Broker Page Update

-We have updated our Penny Stock Broker page with two new brokers, Fidelity and Schwab. These brokers have recently changed their commissions and fees in a manner that makes them attractive options for penny stock traders. One makes our Gold Level, the other, Silver. Find out which!

3/1/10 - New Review!

-Today we published our full review and tips for EquityFeed. EquityFeed is a powerful market data service that can uncover trading opportunities that you'd otherwise miss. Check out our full review complete with descriptions, tips, screenshots and much more.

9/12/09 - New Blog Launched!

-We have officially launched our new Blog at blog.pennystocknation.com. The blog will be our primary means of releasing new and up to the minute alerts on stock picks, updates, announcements and more. Please make the blog a daily stop as starting this week only major announcements and new stock picks are going to be announced via the newsletter. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed at the bottom. Thank you and enjoy!

8/20/09 - New Content

-Brand new to our Market Information page is the definition of "Pattern Day Trading" as well as rules applying to PDT's. Also new is a quick definition of "Margin" and its use for a trader. Check it out!

8/19/09 - Improved Visuals and Lower Menu

-We've just rolled out some improvements to the look of the site, including rounded corners (as long as you're not using Internet Explorer... Try Firefox or Chrome for a better and safer experience thoughout the web!) The lower menu is also updated and includes featured pages, products, and a 'ShareIt' button to easily share any page via email, facebook, twitter and much much more. Please check it out and help spread the word!

8/11/09 - UPDATED Penny Stock Red Flag Checklist!

-The response to our new Red Flag Checklist has been so great we decided to expand on it! We've added tooltips to each checklist item with expanded details/explanations. This is a very valuable resource to all Penny Traders. Please bookmark it for future reference! Check it out here.

8/4/09 - New Penny Stock Red Flag Checklist

-We've created a Red Flag Checklist for all you penny stock traders. Red flags are signs of hazards ahead for penny stock traders/investors. This is a great checklist to go through before or while in a penny stock position. Please bookmark it for future reference! Check it out here.

8/3/09 - Out of IDOI

-Just a quick update we have sold the majority of our position in IDOI into today's strength. We don't like the history behind the new addition to the BOD from today's PR. Please do your DD and secure profits. Let's all make money on this one! Please read our disclaimer.

8/2/09 - New Penny Stock Pick

-We've found another hot penny stock to play, symbol IDOI - IDO Security, Inc. Makers of the MagShoe detector for use in scanning shoes at security checkpoints without making the wearer take them off. The stock looks poised for a blue sky breakout with continuing volume. Our email alert went out on Friday after we bought a starter position at .0054. By the time the email was sent the price was .0059 but subsequently retraced for another easy entry at our buy level. We believe IDOI could yield a safe return of 50%+, and quite possibly could be a multi-bag runner. As of the close Friday IDOI is up 16% from our buy... Time will tell. Please read our disclaimer.

7/28/09 - Updated Content/Code

-First off, we have updated the Penny Stock Broker feature page. We have added SogoTrade® as a new broker, and removed E-Trade® and TradeDirect®. It was determined that the fees affecting penny stocks were too high with these brokers to recommend them. We have also given the nod to Zecco as our #1 Penny Stock Broker. At $4.50/trade with no catches they are simply the best choice. Check out the revamped Broker Page now! Secondly, the site-wide re-coding is now finished and you should see a much more uniform site from page to page and in different browsers. The code is more efficient and should load faster!

6/24/09 - Updated Content

-We've split the 'Share Structure' section from the 'Hot Penny Stocks' page in order to split the information into more manageable and focused pieces. We also added some more details to the information, including tips on 'Restricted Shares'. Many more updates to come. Enjoy!